Protect your retirement – join the campaign to stop cuts to your OMERS pension!

Decision makers at OMERS are currently considering more cuts to your pension benefits.

You have the power to stop them and make OMERS accountable to plan members.

Watch for Local 416 representatives in your workplace and sign the petition! Let’s Cancel the Cuts!

OMERS Sponsors Corporation may be considering potential changes to the pension you earn. This could lead to pension cuts — unless we stop them.

Over 125,000 CUPE members and over 20,000 OPSEU members working in municipalities, certain local boards, school boards and Children’s Aid Societies are members of the OMERS pension plan.

Any cuts to our modest pensions will hurt workers and future retirees. Cuts could mean:

  • Difficult financial choices for our families
  • Less money in our local communities
  • More inequality and financial insecurity
  • Precarity in our senior years

The OMERS Sponsors Corporation already voted in June 2020 — during the first wave of COVID-19 — to eliminate guaranteed indexing of pensions for years of service worked after January 1, 2023.

Other pension plans like HOOPP are improving benefits while OMERS is looking at more cuts!

Our OMERS pension is a big part of your total compensation and an important reason for why we work!

We expect to retire with a decent and secure pension.

Join the campaign to Cancel the Cuts: Protect Our OMERS Pension. Sign the petition calling on the employer to stand with your union and oppose cuts to OMERS.

The people running OMERS must be accountable to pension plan members, our unions and employers. For more information, visit: