CUPE Local 416 represents over 8000 outside workers in 12 important units across the City of Toronto.

Our members are there for Torontonians 365 days a year and, in turn, we are there for our members.

As part of a year-long promotional campaign, we’re putting the spotlight on 416 units to highlight the hard work and dedication that go into providing our great city with quality public services each and every day, and to remind everyone that we truly are stronger together. This is a multimedia campaign that uses a variety of outlets including CP24 ads, digital billboards, radio ads and social media platforms to promote our members and the work they do.

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City approves waste deal with GFL. But while public/private collection costs almost exactly the same, council didn't get information on how the two compare when it comes to waste diversion. We'll get that data in January. #TOpoli

City council talks trash and awards new waste contract for Etobicoke… despite the rising cost of private collection

Private collection on the west side of the city now costs more per household than collection in east Toronto by city workers.

At today’s Infrastructure & Environment Committee meeting, Matt Keliher, GM of Solid Waste, confirms that the cost of the city’s contracted-out garbage collection in the west side of the city is now about equal to the cost of the in-house collection on the east side.

City staff once claimed we could save $11.5M/year by contracting out garbage pickup. Now Toronto is paying same amount for private pickup as it does for in-house. Since there's no savings then why are staff recommending more privatized pickup in Etobicoke?