TCEU Local 416 members working in the Toronto Water division work hard to ensure all Toronto residents and businesses have access to one of the most important resources – water! These members pump water directly from Lake Ontario into several treatment facilities, where they filter and treat it before pumping it through our city’s extensive watermain system and into the homes and businesses of Toronto, and even parts of York Region.

In addition to Toronto’s award-winning drinking water, Local 416 members help collect and effectively treat over 1.5 billion litres of wastewater each day before it is recycled. Plus, they prevent Toronto’s streets, parks and basements from flooding by maintaining storm creeks and catch water basins to collect excess water and runoff. These members go through extensive training and certification to work in this division. They are proud to provide Torontonians with the highest quality service and water, used by people across the city to wash and drink on a daily basis.

Corus Radio 30 second Commercial – May 7-13, 2018

Hi I’m Jane, a CUPE Local 416 member from the Toronto Water division! My colleagues and I go through extensive training and certification to ensure you always have access to Toronto’s award-winning drinking water. We work at water treatment plants across the city, where we pump water from Lake Ontario, filter and treat it, so that the water you use to wash and drink, is safe and clean. Torontonians deserve the best – and we take pride in providing top quality water and service every day.
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