Toronto Parks and Recreation

TCEU Local 416 members working in the Parks & Recreation division work hard to beautify Toronto's communities and bring people together year round! By maintaining public parks, playgrounds, gardens, trees, forests, golf courses, sports fields and turf, our members keep the city looking clean and green. They preserve wildlife [...]


Corporate Services

TCEU Local 416 members have important jobs in the Corporate Services division. Custodians, painters, building operators and skilled tradespeople including plumbers, carpenters and electricians consistently keep City buildings, such as police stations, civic centers and long term care homes, clean and in a state of good repair, while [...]


Toronto Water

TCEU Local 416 members working in the Toronto Water division work hard to ensure all Toronto residents and businesses have access to one of the most important resources - water! These members pump water directly from Lake Ontario into several treatment facilities, where they filter and treat it [...]


Toronto Community Housing

TCEU Local 416 members provide plumbing, electrical, carpentry, cleaning and supervisory services to those living in Toronto Community Housing units across the city. In addition to these services though, they make housing feel like home for the tenants they work with each and every day by going above [...]


Animal Services

The dedicated TCEU Local 416 members in Toronto Animal Services work hard to help keep the people and animals of Toronto safe. Members work in 3 shelters across the city, including one in Scarborough, Etobicoke and North York, to provide Torontonians with a variety of pet adoption and [...]


100th Anniversary

October 20, 2017 marked a milestone for TCEU Local 416. This year, we are celebrating a century of quality public service - provided by our hard working members - and of partnership with the City of Toronto. In these past 100 years, Local 416 has seen a lot [...]


Solid Waste Management

TCEU Local 416's solid waste unit is composed of over 500 hard-working men and women who are there for Torontonians across the entire city. They help collect solid waste from over 900,000 homes and businesses both east of Yonge Street (Districts 3 and 4), and across the city [...]


Toronto Paramedic Services

The Paramedics unit of TCEU Local 416 is 1,200 members strong. Part of the largest municipal ambulance service in Canada, our members help staff over 110 ambulances strategically positioned on the streets of Toronto every single day to provide emergency medical services to people across the city. Just last [...]


Toronto Parking Authority

Toronto Parking Authority provides Torontonians with the cheapest parking in the city at their Green P parking lots. TCEU Local 416 members in the Toronto Parking Authority unit work hard to ensure that all Torontonians have access to Green P parking lots that... Are safe & secure Are [...]


Toronto Ports

TCEU Local 416 members working with Ports Toronto provide critical services that keep Torontonians moving. From airfield maintenance and specialized labour to harbour clearing and even emergency aircraft rescue and firefighting services, our members work hard to ensure our city's harbour and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport are [...]

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