Infrastructure and Environment Committee – March 27, 2024

“It is important to remind everyone that Solid Waste Collection is a fundamental municipal service.”

Domenic Maugeri, Secretary/Treasurer, delivers an impactful deputation on behalf of members of Local 416 before the City of Toronto Infrastructure & Environment Committee on March 27, 2024.


Budget Subcommittee at City Hall – January 22, 2024

Local 416 Secretary Treasurer, Domenic Maugeri, stressing the importance to City Council in investing in the worker during his Budget Deputation on Monday, January 22, 2024.

Domenic advocated for Council to “invest in the worker the same way they do in tech and infrastructure, and that retention of the worker should be top priority.”

Local 416 Paramedic Chair, Mike Merriman, ringing the alarm bells at his public deputation at Budget Committee about the dire state of paramedic services due to years of under investing.

“This has prompted me to speak up for not only my members I represent but the patients that they serve. We are witnessing an alarming and unprecedent level of paramedic resignations.”




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Ted Aivalis, proudly supporting CUPE Local 2 in their pursuit of a fair deal with TTC. Local 416 Members stand strong with CUPE Local 2, which represents 700 Electrical Workers including Electricians, Cable and Telephone Technicians, Relay and Instrumentation Technicians, Communications Control Technicians, Signal Technicians, Streetcar Linespersons, and Power Control Technicians whom collectively are the Vital Link that keeps Toronto Moving.#solidarity #FairDeal #StrongerTogether ... See MoreSee Less
Stay Safe! Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024The risk of irreversible eye damage while looking at the sun - even briefly - during an eclipse is well established. Being outside during an eclipse is not a hazard to workers, and a solar eclipse does not coincide with increased cosmic radiation. THERE IS NO SAFE WAY TO VIEW A SOLAR ECLIPSE WITHOUT SPECIALIZED PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR (certified to ISO 12312-2). To stay safe, some simple safety precautions exist: • DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN, just as you normally wouldn’t.• The ONLY safe viewers are those certified to ISO 12312-2 standard eclipse.aas.org/eye-safety/viewers-filters o DO NOT USE viewers if there is ANY doubt whatsoever about counterfeiting or quality. o DO NOT USE ANY OTHER KIND OF LENSE/FILTER/WINDOW to view the eclipse.The best way to stay safe, is NOT to look at the sun. There will be plenty of images and livestreams available for viewing, including from NASA science.nasa.gov/eclipses/future-eclipses/eclipse-2024/live/ ... See MoreSee Less
Local 416 is proud to be standing in #solidarity with CUPE 3903 this afternoon and helping to #FuelTheFight ... See MoreSee Less

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To ensure the continuity of our wastewater treatment systems and services, it is incumbent on us to pass on these specialized trades to the next generation.

#WaterForAll #WasteWater #WasteWaterSpecialist #WaterTreatment #SkilledWorkers #SkilledTrades #Trades #Local416 #CUPE

Gonzalo Carrascalai after 26 YEARS with @cityoftoronto Solid Waste Management, Ingram Yard.

Congratulations from @local416

Send us your workplace Photos!  

DM or Email: info@local416.org

#YearOfTheWorker #Community #CivicEmployees #TCEU #CUPE
#Local416 #HappyRetirement

The 700 @ttcriders Electrical & Trades Workers have been without a contract since 2022. Critical workers need competitive wages that try to keep up with an extended, extremely inflationary environment. Help retain critical workers in @cityoftoronto with a #FairDeal @TTCNewsroom

#StatusCodeRed Get involved by following @416TPSUnit and help raise awareness of a deeply concerning trend.

#Toronto #onpoli #TOpoli

Thank you @CUPE_Local2 🚇🚦for the important work you all do to keep #Torontonians safe, and on-time. We hope a #FairDeal is reached soon.

#Solidarity #Toronto #TTC #StrongerTogether

Ted Aivalis, Vice-President, TCEU @local416 in support of CUPE Local 2 in their pursuit of a fair deal with TTC @TTChelps @CUPE_Local2 @Ted_Aivalis

Our Members stand strong w/Local 2, the 700 Electrical Workers that keep Toronto Moving.

#Solidarity #FairDeal #StrongerTogether


Thanks to the hard work of @Local416 members, all 5 City of Toronto Golf Courses opened this weekend. We take pride in ensuring residents of Toronto enjoy affordable, high-quality, and TTC-accessible rounds at our beautiful courses.

#LabourOfLove #ForeToronto #StrongerTogether

The lack of funding available for emergency services needs attention and we’ve been calling for a more reliable & efficient emergency response system to ensure people in Toronto are kept safe. Listen to the newest #LeftLookingIn w/ host @David_Moscrop
➡️ https://local416.ca/left-looking-in/

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