Toronto Parks and Recreation

TCEU Local 416 members working in the Parks & Recreation division work hard to beautify Toronto's communities and bring people together year round! By maintaining public parks, playgrounds, gardens, trees, forests, golf courses, sports fields and turf, our members keep the city looking clean and green. They preserve wildlife [...]


Corporate Services

TCEU Local 416 members have important jobs in the Corporate Services division. Custodians, painters, building operators and skilled tradespeople including plumbers, carpenters and electricians consistently keep City buildings, such as police stations, civic centers and long term care homes, clean and in a state of good repair, while [...]


Toronto Water

TCEU Local 416 members working in the Toronto Water division work hard to ensure all Toronto residents and businesses have access to one of the most important resources - water! These members pump water directly from Lake Ontario into several treatment facilities, where they filter and treat it [...]

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