Sign the letter below and send the Mayor of Toronto a message letting the City know you support our Paramedics.

To the City of Toronto,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the ongoing challenges faced by Toronto Paramedics, specifically the overworked and understaffed conditions that are causing unacceptably long ambulance wait times. As a concerned resident of Toronto, I strongly support the Status Code Red campaign initiated by paramedics, which aims to bring awareness to this dire situation.

The dedication demonstrated by our paramedics in providing critical emergency medical care to our city is truly commendable. However, their ability to effectively carry out their duties is hindered by the strains on their overall system caused by understaffing and underfunding. Prolonged wait times are an acute danger to individuals in need of immediate medical attention. It is imperative that action be taken promptly.

Thank you for considering my concerns. I urge you to recognize the urgency of this matter. By investing in our paramedics we prioritize the health and safety of our city’s residents.